Cat Sitting Malta

Welcome and thanks for visiting. Most probably you landed on this page because you are looking for somewhere to leave your cat while you are away. If so then you have landed on the right page. Just sit back and allow us to walk you through our service of cat boarding. At Cat Sitting Malta we provide top notch cat boarding facilities at the most fair and affordable of prices. Our idea is that of keeping the whole concept on a small scale in order to provide a home environment to cats that are left with us.

Before we go ahead with the details allow me to point out that Cat Sitting Malta is a sub division of the Pet Sitting Malta boarding facilities. At Cat Sitting Malta we focus solely on cats and have separate premises specially designed for cats as you will see on this website.

Please browse this website at your convenience to learn more about the service and what we offer. We also have a current and updated Facebook page that you might like to check out as well for your convenience. Should you require additional information please do get in touch through our contact form on this website or through our Facebook page.

Will be looking forward to hearing from you,